Elevate event has 6 Rooms to choose from to suit your needs.

Currently Under Renovation - New Pics Coming Soon!


”The Big Easy”

The Main Room

Includes a 4,335 square foot room with a large stage area.

Includes a 175 square foot Green Room.

Max capacity of 330.

Opens from lounge area with easy access to 3 restrooms and 5 breakout rooms.

Furnishings upon request.

Event planning upon request.

Meeting Rooms

Meeting, Office & Conference Rooms

Includes three 190 square foot rooms.

Includes one 200 square foot conference room and one 235 square foot conference room.

Easy access to main room, lounge area and 3 restrooms.

Furnishings upon request.

Event planning upon request.



Includes one 936 square foot room.

Max capacity of 60.

Easy access to 3 restrooms.

Easy access to hallway, breakout rooms and main room.

Easy access to our lounge area.

Furnishings and Sound Upon Request.